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Title Yurei Deco
Alternative Yurui Deco
Type TV
Episodes 12
Premiered Summer 2022


In the cyber city Tom Sawyer, society revolves around earning "Love," akin to receiving likes on social media. Citizens of this augmented reality exchange Love for public services and appearance-changing avatars via the Decoration Customizer, also known as "Deco," a hologram device implanted in an individual's eyes from early childhood. Under the government's careful management, the people of Tom Sawyer live a peaceful existence, outside the occasional appearance of Phantom Zero, a mysterious criminal who brings all Love to zero within their vicinity.

Berry, a mischievous girl fascinated by Phantom Zero, lives comfortably in the system of Tom Sawyer until her Deco malfunctions, enabling her to see a camouflaged prankster named Hack. Believing Hack to be Phantom Zero, Berry chases after the suspect and, in the process, begins to uncover society's most well-kept secrets. As it turns out, Hack is not the only person living outside the system's rules—and the vibrant colors of Tom Sawyer hide a darker nature.

Yurei Deco Opening List

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"1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 LOVE" by clammbon
MP3 320kbps Full Version

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Yurei Deco Ending List

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"I'm in LOVE" (あいむいんらぶ) by Hack'nBerry
MP3 320kbps Full Version

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